Who am I

Wilard Black is my name

picture of a happy gay older couple

My interest in coaching grew out of my desire to help other people to be truer to themselves and confident in their own body. I have always delighted in others’ successes and encouraged those I have known when they have taken bold new steps.

My Background and how it relates

My first career, as a salesperson with an international company, gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world. Indirectly, by doing this, I gained insights into how people in other societies, and from all walks of life, function and what they think about a wide range of issues. I took a coaching course at a highly respected college in 2002 and have been operating coaching courses for gay and lesbian individuals ever since. My highly positive, enthusiastic, fun-loving and creative approach to life is reflected in all the coaching work that I do.

What I believe

I view each of us as unique, intelligent, highly capable individuals. I seek to build the skills people possess to shape them into better people.Those who have worked with me have given testament to my creativity, fairness, and support. My passion for bettering people makes me a uniquely talented coach enabling others to thrive personally and professionally and to build self-confidence and belief to be the best they can be.

My clients

Gay and Lesbian individuals come to me for coaching because of my warmth, sincerity and the fact that I am determined to help them to transform into more confident, proud people. I’ve worked and learned great skills both as a coach and as a senior sales manager in international organisations. My coaching extends beyond clients in the UK to those living around the world.

Hopefully, this site gives you handy information and the confidence to be comfortable within yourself. I look forward to helping you reach this place in life.

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