What does Brexit spell for gay rights

Brexit gay rights

“British” and “exit”, is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. It supports the referendum of 23 June 2016 when 51.9 percent voted in supported withdrawal. With the exit of Britain from the European Union, the House of Commons has voted to reject the only treaty binding on the UK that expressly protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
Government officials claiming that Brexit will have no negative implications on the LGBT community but some of the many experts are still worried about the probable harassment on the community. Let’s have a look at the different perspective of different people.

Probable concerns

Since after UK voted for its exit from EU, the majority of European laws have been transferred onto the domestic statute books under the EU Withdrawal Act – except the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Many people are concerned with the changes in the law will probably increase discrimination against Gays and Lesbians. Its said that “European Union law was providing a clear framework for protecting human rights and equalities. With the (withdrawal) bill now in law, we’ve lost a vital layer of protection for LGBT people’s rights”.
The government argues, the presence of Human right act and other existing provision will be able to provide gay communication from any kind of discrimination or aggression.

Is there anything to be worried about?

While many LGBT activists are speculating all the negatives about Britain Exit, some from the LGBT community still seem to have faith in the government.
The UK has undoubtedly led the world in the development of LGBT rights, starting with the decriminalization of homosexuality few years ago. People have got the freedom to marry whoever they love (Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013), start a family (Adoption and Children Act 2002) and are protected from discrimination in society and at work (Equality Act 2010).
The UK has proven itself to be the pioneer of securing gay rights while many of the countries within the European Union has still maintained a ban on same-sex marriages. Supporters of Brexit argues, if UK has to lead the world in protecting rights of LGBT community then how can they ignore it now.


Britain exit is just a beginning, maybe, the current law is not enough to protect the rights of people with different sexual orientation but some amendment in federal laws will surely make things favorable to all.

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