Ways to succeed when meeting a gay partner through online chat

Is it easy to get an easy gay chat/ Damn right it is! what’s hard when you have a computer and internet connection?

The thing is, its the same as heterosexual chatting. All you gotta do is state your case on a gay interracial dating site. “YES!! I AM A GAY MAN (WOMAN).

Now that is out of the way. You then get matched with men or women who are into same-sex relationships. Easy right?

Now, when you meet one potential match that suits your profile, don’t get coy. Go easy. Much as starting with a “Hey” seems cool? Please don’t! Do you want to be like every other guy or chick? Definitely NOT!! You have to stand out.

Well, here is how to go about it…

1. Gay interracial dating sites

You have to be specific about this. It needs to be a gay interracial site. Now, I am insisting on interracial because there is a tendency of gay individuals dating outside their race. Why? It boils down to the discrimination they get from their own races.

Blacks, for instance, have the Christianity thing going for them. And, the bible is against homosexuality. They are left with nothing but being on the down low.

Now its easier for them to date interracially. What better way than some easy gay chat. All that’s needed is a good site and a great profile.

2. Profile Pic

black manThis is your brand. Its the only thing that is going to sell you. You need to brand yourself. Better get into your best gear and have someone snap the best shot of you. Red does pay off. For some reason, wearing something read makes people get attracted to you.

Show yourself off doing some outdoor activity. It pays off big time!

3. “About me” section

Now when it comes to the about me section, you better shine. This is the one place that can make or break you. Again, don’t forget to mention you are gay. At the same time, don’t forget to talk about your hobbies and things you like. This is what will make others find it easier to talk to you.

4. Be proactive and indulge in some easy gay chat

“Don just sit there! Do something!”  You can’t just register on a dating site then wait for things to happen on their own. Chat up some lady or dude. You need to own your dating life. “Pretty looking pretty”… “Athletic, huh! I am loving every inch of it” are great openers. Roll with it.

5. Ask questions

Yes, every conversation progresses when questions are involved. Don’t be shy. Just ask any open-ended questions that don’t end in “Yes” or “No”. Look at someone’s profile and base those questions about that.

6. Be consistent

Nothing kills hype than a person who chats you up them goes, mum. You have to continue the convo. Don’t be the person that replies after 2 weeks. If someone hits you up with a chat, hit them back.

7. Compliments are key

Lead with it… Do it in the middle of a conversation… Just do it. It doesn’t have to be something sexual. It can be anything. “Horse riding… girl, I am feeling you”. Anything really! Men or women alike love compliments. Gove them whenever they are due.

8. Are we talking about sex?

Yes! You have to. Tough and uncomfortable as it is, this is a subject that needs addressing. See, some people could be the ones that just came out of the closet. On your chats, mention it. WHo knows… You both might be on an exploratory journey. make it exciting as you wonder what…

9. Ask them on a date

gay couple on dateWe can’t just make our relationship online, right? So we are having some easy gay chat. aIf we got chemistry, then we best take things offline. Some dancing seems quite about right. oh if you are sporty then do that. But don’t let the online relationship drag too long. Test the waters. See how things go.

10. Don’t be pushy

Patience pays sometimes. The thing with gay dating is that sometimes it gets quite sensitive. There might be someone who isn’t really out of the closet. Be easy with them. Don’t force yourself on them. In any relationship, tread carefully. it pays off in the end.

Online relationships can be pretty easy if you just go easy on things. So long as you state clearly what you are looking for, all confusion is eliminated. People are becoming more open about same-sex relationships. Better ride with that and accept yourself for who you are.






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