Top 5 ways to ensure your first time with a gay partner is satisfying and fulfilling.

Whenever a dude comes out of the closet, the biggest worry is normally the gay first time sexual experience. It can be nerve wrecking. Oh jeez! “Am I sexy enough for this guy?” “Am I going to enjoy the sexual experience?” “Who puts what in whom?”

Well, you may have met this dude on a gay chat online or a bar. First date or not, the mere thought of the first gay sexual encounter comes with all sorts of mixed emotions. There is the nervousness and then there is the excitement of having this new experience. It’s your first time. It has to count for something.

You are not alone. Every gay person goes through this for the first time. However, I am sure it’s a little bit easier for lesbian couples though.

Naturally, you are definitely looking for some advice if you are here. Below are 5 tips you can consider before heading out for that gay first time banging…

1. Reveal that it’s your first time

They say honesty is the best policy. In this case, it really is. Talking about it will help you discuss issues about your expectations and boundaries.

This experience needs to be something you can enjoy and look back upon with awe. So, discuss all these things so that you don’t end up hating the whole experience.

2. Watch some gay porn to familiarize yourself with things.

Well, if you are totally green about how things work, consult the internet for some pointers on how things should be done. This will somehow help ease the apprehension and nervousness.

Watch some soft porn if that’s how you like it.  And depending on the boundaries agreed upon, you can go hardcore all the way.

3. Experiment with some sex toys at home

man buying sex toysNow if this is your first anal experience, then it pays to experiment with some dildos at home to test if the experience will be comfortable for you.Familiarize yourself with the male anatomy so that both you and your first gay shag can have an experience worth writing home about.

4. What to bring on your gay first time sexual experience

You need to stay safe, so condoms are a must. You need to protect yourself from HIV. Also, bring some lube… lots of lube…




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