A Society That Is All About Gay Acceptance Makes The World A Better Place

Gay relationships have always been a neglected part of society, it’s always been a taboo to discuss gay relationships. Many developed countries in the world are increasingly adopting the fact that being attracted to the same sex is perfectly normal and many countries have made gay marriages legal as well.

Most of the common arguments that are made against gay relationships are totally wrong, here is our counter-argument.

Argument: we must preserve the traditions

Counter-argument: the world has been changing with fast pace and marriage patterns has been changing with the change in culture and time, there is nothing surprising to include gay marriages in the society.

With the modern time we gave us many traditional values, we have started accepting interracial relationships, we gave up child marriages, they why not accept gay marriages. Allowing gay marriages will.

Argument: Marriage is a sacred institution

Counter-argument: Marriages were considered ‘Sacred’ a few decades ago, but not anymore. Society has accepted interracial relationships and we have been living with the cocktail of multiple religions.

The world has changed and so does its values, instead of maintaining the cast and culture of any relationship its essential to adopt and accept same-sex relationships.

Argument: Gay Marriage will confuse the gender role

Counter-argument: The world has been fighting for the gender equality and you still want to stuck to gender role? Its proven that two dads or two mothers are also capable enough to raise a child.

Imagine a world where kids are being raised by gay parents or lesbian parents, this will allow the world to look from a totally different aspect.

Argument: Gay marriages are against nature

Counter-argument: Many religious gurus prove homosexual relationship against nature because they are not able to conceive a natural baby. But aren’t they insulting all the homosexuals we are born with those preferences? There are some infertile couples who are unable to have a natural baby so is their relationship is against nature as well? If nature has created you homosexual it has allowed you to be in that kind of relationship as well.


Homosexual relationships are as natural as any other relation; all it requires is a brain to understand that. Gay relationships and lesbian relationships have always proven to be a blessing to society.


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