Improve your self-esteem at the workshop and you can:


Establish and honour your boundaries


Understand and overcome your old limitations, fears and habits


Find the courage to say 'No' when you want to


Take control


Be more comfortable expressing your feelings and stating your needs


Be your best friend and place your best interests first


Discard self-destructive habits and develop nurturing ones


Be empowered to take risks and have what you want


Replace the things you feel you ought to do with what you want to do


Eliminate stress and enjoy greater energy


Attract relationships and situations that are healthy and supportive


Above all, dare to be yourself

For many people a sense of self-esteem depends on the opinions of others.

If those opinions are negative, as they usually are for lesbians and gay men, developing a genuine sense of self can be extremely difficult. Yet without it, life seems empty.

You can be successful but don’t feel a sense of satisfaction. You feel that life is something that happens elsewhere, whilst you stay on the treadmill, pursuing a life and love that’s always just out of reach. And because you can’t reach it, you feel you don’t deserve it, that there’s something wrong with you.

It’s easy to point the finger at your sexuality. After all, everyone does. Their prejudice becomes your baggage, your picture of yourself framed by their opinions.

Now a workshop developed especially for gay men and lesbians can help you redefine your self-image and gain a healthy sense of genuine self-esteem.

How it works

As it’s only open to lesbians and gay men, the workshop offers a safe and supportive environment for you to share your experiences.

You’ll be encouraged to use a programme of exercises, games and activities to really understand where your negative self-image has come from.

Then we’ll dismantle that framework, giving you the support to redefine the way you see yourself. From there, you’ll learn how to recognise and love your new self, establish your boundaries and gain the confidence to be who you really are.

The workshop is structured, informal and incredibly liberating. You’ll be empowered and energised, keen to get on with living and enjoying your life.


In changing our lives by raising our self-esteem we can help the world become free of discrimination, fear and ignorance, as 20% of all revenue raised from the workshops will be donated to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF).

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