I equip you with skills to self-coach

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What form do my teachings take?

It takes a commitment from you to work on each one of my four coaching sessions, starting each one at the beginning of the week.  So for a month, you need to be prepared to work steadily during each week through the exercises that I provide for you within the programme.  You need to ensure you take time out, to learn, and to reflect.

This programme leads to doing things you’ve decided will make a difference and to meet life head-on, with courage, confidence, and energy – all so that you can be a more confident, proud and self-sufficient person.

I will help you to start slow by warming up; then I take you through exercises to look at how you are and how you do things now, and what you might explore to change things for the better. I consider how to build your strength and commit to changes that will allow you to deal effectively with the area of life that you want to look at.

You take responsibility, with my help, and you make it happen!

What does the programme include?

  1. Each Work out session of the programme over the four-week duration will outline some of the major issues and challenges in the areas of your life that need consideration and improvement.
  2. I will take you step by step through carefully designed exercises and activities which allow you to reflect, understand yourself and others more, and act to make lasting change.
  3. I will provide tips, advice, and guidance on what you can do and change to improve the quality of well-being in your life.

How does it work?

Through an initial phone call and then weekly scheduled emailed worksheets containing all you need that ensures you will be on the track to self-coaching success in no time!

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