Personal coaching

You want to feel better about yourself and more self-assured as a gay man?  Find a boyfriend, maintain a relationship or move on from one now that it’s finished?  Be happier and more fulfilled at work?  We can help you to make the best of all that you are.

- Feeling fabulous
- Working out
- Catching, matching and dispatching

Our fit to thrive personal coaching helps you to make the changes in your life that you may have been meaning to make for years.  It could be that there’s a nagging thought that things ought to be better.  You’re successful in your professional life, say, but fed up of being single. You’re tired of the demands that your job makes on you.  Whatever it is that is making you feel uncomfortable, unfulfilled, or unhappy, personal coaching is an effective way to deal with it.

It’s like having a cross between a wise old friend and a cheerleader.  We’re here to help you to think things through and explore them in a creative, non-judgemental way.  And we’re also here to celebrate your successes as you start to make changes happen.  

Gay and straight, the most successful people in all fields, be it sport, business or the arts, have coaches, urging them on, inspiring them, challenging them to be different, to be better, to thrive. Contact us to find out more and explore what we will do to help you to change your life for the better.  You may then want to book an initial consultation which lasts for an hour.  At the end of this, you'll have learnt useful tools to help you think and behave differently.  The first consultation can lead on to more sessions if you wish, to help you make sustained changes to your life.

Fit to Thrive Personal Coaching

To find out how we can help you to:
- feel better about yourself and more self-assured;
- find a boyfriend;
- be happier and more fulfilled at work;


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Fit to thrive:
Personal coaching

By telephone, email or face to face, we work with you and support you to make the changes in your life that you so want.