Lesbians take note, tips for making love the right way!

Lesbians making love can be quite versatile. Compared to their male gay counterparts, gay women seem to be at an advantage. The possibilities are endless especially if a couple invests well is sex toys.

Today, one can meet their gay partner online and form meaningful relationships. If you happen to meet this special person and it gets to the sexual point, you can make the sexual experience such a great one.

Now for women, its all about the mind. And if you can let your mind run wild in the sexual fantasy world, more power to you as a couple. You can get as raw as it gets and have amazing sex.

Here are some of the tips that lesbians making love can employ and get it right.

1. Touch is very important.

Women love foreplay. It is key. Now imagine foreplay from your fellow woman who understands where and how to touch. Your fingers are very important part of lesbian sex. Caress all you want.

Clitoral stimulation can bring both fo you ino great organisms. Plus, dont forget how great fingering can be as a substitute to penal penetration.

Make sure you are in a comfortable and relaxed position. The key here is to start slow and be gentle with one another.

2. Use your tongue effectively

Kiss, nibble, lick, suck… All these things done one can get both of you to great sexual heights. The position is key especially if you decide to pleasure yourself orally. The 69 is a great position for you to achieve simultaneous orgasms.

Your mouth is a very powerful tool that can guarantee maximum pleasure. Make great use of it.

3. Sex toys are important for lesbians making love

Sex toys are a great part of lesbian love making. Dildos, strap ons… you name it. As lesbians visit an adult store and make these part of your love making.

Always have boundaries whenever you use these.

4. Scissoring is a thing!

When two women let their private parts rub each other, its called scissoring. It is a technique that lesbians use to arouse themselves. And t is quite an enjoyable activity of lesbian sex. It is quite an intimate one too.

Most lesbians usually ignore this bbecause of the acrobatics involves. But if your bodies can find their way to doing it, enjoy the turn on.

5. Make role play part of your love making.

Women are very imaginative. And with great imagination comes amazing sex. Dont let your love making become a chore. Get a little creative every now and then. Role play does spice things up to a rather routine sex life.

Play naughty games. Do lesbian power play where one of you dominates the other. Discuss this and have boundaries. This is a great way to learn what your female lover like in bed. Switch these roles so that both of you can enjoy.

Just like in every relationship, sex is very important. You need to be able to be free with one another in order to enjoy lesbians love making.



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