Interesting research reveals a spike in monogamy within gay relationships

gay relationships

Monogamy has been a part of human culture and it has been hardwired in our brain cells. Gay men have always idealized the concept of monogamy but society never allowed them to pursue their love.

Time has changed and the way people used to think has changed as well. Until now there have been few researches available about the gay men behavior and expectation but recent researches have suggested the rise of monogamy in gay relationships.

The U.S. is among the list of countries that have legalized gay marriages and gay couples are free to live together. Since then we can see the sudden uptrend in the monogamy within the day relationship.

Reason of spike in monogamy in a gay relationship

There are numerous reasons that lead to the spike in monogamy, some of the common reasons are as follow:  

Public support:

Public and family support is one of the major factors of the rise in monogamy. As the chart shows, there has been negligible public support to LGBT relationships till 1990, but with the change in judicial laws and the emergence of social media has brought things in favor of gay couples.

Stable family

Every person craves for the stable family whether its man or women. While open relationships sound like a cool concept but they are incapable of providing sufficient mental support to a person.

Monogamy, on the other hand, has a proven track record of thousands of years. Most of us have grown up with monogamous patents and their relationship worked incredibly well.

gay relationships

Supported by law

A major reason for gays preferring open relationship is because of federal laws; before 1990 gay marriage was prohibited in most part of the world which make the monogamy in the gay relationships more difficult.

Legalization of gay marriages has promoted monogamy within gay relationships.

The rise in media campaigns

There has been a section of society who has worked tirelessly for the rights of Gay men, they ran many social campaigns to educate people and change their perspective.

A rise of social media and other media (print and television) made people more tolerant towards the gay community.

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