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Fit to thrive: Personal coaching

One-to-one coaching, by telephone, email or face-to-face to help you to make the changes in your life that you so want.


Fit to thrive: Self-coaching

Our Fit to Thrive self-coaching programmes are designed for you if you want to work on your own to make things happen in your life for the better.

So what sort of life are you living?  Are you doing all the things you want to do?  Are you fulfilled at home, on the scene, in professional and social life?  These are important questions to ask.  The time to be sorting out who you want to be, and what you really want to be doing with your life is now.  You can’t put back the clock, but there is a future full of promise and satisfaction for you if only you will grasp it.

"You helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in my life. Your warm encouragement and patience has helped me to discover love. Thank you.” Charles

One of the ways we enable gay men as they change their lives for the better is through our Fit to Thrive personal coaching . Over the telephone, by email or face to face, we work with you and support you gently, insightfully and with challenge to make the changes in your life you want.

The other way is through our Fit to Thrive self-coaching programmes. These are available to download for you to work on alone, so you can start that process of change today.

Adam & Tony - Gay Life Coach

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This website is for gay men who want to take control of their lives, and change things for the better. Find out how we can help you to meet the right man, sustain your relationship, or generally feel more comfortable in your own skin.