How best to introduce your gay interracial partner to your family

Coming out to your family as a gay interracial couple can be tricky. Whether lesbian, gay or bisexual, its something that can throw or find any parent off-guard. First, there is the interracial bit to deal with. Then there is the gay bit. Now, if your family are OK with interracial love, then chances are that they will probably be more accepting of your interracial gay partner.

One thing you need to realize is that, if you have been in the closet, there is no right way to come out. One or two people or more will definitely have something negative to say. Plus you definitely had your reasons for not coming out earlier. So you need to consider that as plan your coming out ‘party’.

So how do you go about introducing your gay interracial partner?

1. Don’t just drop the bombshell on them. Prep them.

If you have a conservative family, don’t just show up home with your girlfriend or boyfriend and yell “Surprise! I am gay”. Start talking to them first about your sexuality before having a super uncomfortable “meet the parents” experience.

Even to some parent’s who might seem more open, dropping the bombshell won’t be a good idea. when you talk to your parents privately, you will gauge the waters first. You can then give them the chance to ask you a bunch of questions so that you don’t subject your partner to those. But I am hoping that it will go well for you.

2. Only introduce them if you feel the relationship is serious

homesexualsNow, I am not saying that you hide your every fling from your parents. All I am saying is, just like any other relationship, it makes sense to bring in the family when things are getting pretty serious. Talk to them about why you like him or her. Make them want to meet him or her because of how great you have made her look.

3. Find material for your parents to read on gay interracial relationships

If your parents don’t understand how it all works out, find the resources that explain how it is like a heterosexual relationship. Make them realize that we cant choose whom we love. It’s just how some people are wired. compatibility is key.

4. Make the first meeting short

Don’t do the “I am gay” bit on your parents for too long. Just make the first meeting be a quick one. Don’t do a whole weekend thing.

Like I said, however you do it, you just have to do it in order to live freely. All the best!




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