gay life app  

For gay men who want to live, give and get the best


Get fit to thrive: in relationships, mind and body, and at work. You choose: be more self-confident; enjoy your work to the fullest; find and keep that man; get fitter, reach your ideal weight. 

Set goals, think positively, and make the most of your life.  

It’s all possible and in your hands with this app.

Features include interactive goal and affirmation setting with calendar reminders, tips, guidance and insights through text, video and audio. Plus the chance to download helpful self-coaching courses!

The only gay app that helps you become the person you can so supremely be.


"This is a really great app that allows you to choose how you use it. I particularly like the audio that brings someone into the situation with you. Great value."

"Very relevant to modern gay men, whether it's to do with relationships, career or healthy living.  Particularly like top tips, calendar, goals and affirmations. Very useful to keep yourself on track. Top marks!

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Adam & Tony - Gay Life Coach

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This website is for gay men who want to take control of their lives, and change things for the better. Find out how we can help you to meet the right man, sustain your relationship, or generally feel more comfortable in your own skin.