Gay men living in an open relationship – how to make it work

Gay open relationship are very popular these days. In most gay relationships, monogamy can be difficult. But as a couple it is all about having a clear understanding of how the relationship should work. Both men should be on the same page about the relationship. Do open relationships work with gay relationships? Yes. They can. All you need is to define the rules of the open relationship and stick with it.

For it to work, it will take a lot of work, a lot of trust and a lot of discipline.

How to best make an open relationship work

Be open with your partner

One way to make a gay open relationship work is to be open with one another. Any relationship can work when there is openness. Secrets usually ruin things. Whenever you are planning to have a fling with someone else, talk to your partner about it so that you can make sure that there feelings are not hurt by it.

Share your emotions openly with your partner. Be open about what you are comfortable with and what you not.

Bear in mind the reason why you want the long term partner in your life

If you are in a long-term relationship, always have your partner’s feelings in mind. With open relationships, there must be boundaries. Since you are in a long term relationship let everything be about love. Whenever other sexual partners come to play, they can bring feelings of mistrust. Steer clear from any sexual behavior that might make your partner feel threatened.

If for some reason you feel being in an open relationship is affecting your feelings for your partner, then you should reconsider it.

Define the terms conditions of the gay open relationship

All relationships, even the open ones must have boundaries. You need to define the rules of the relationship so that both of you know what to be done and what should be avoided. For the open relationship to work, you both need to stick to the rules that you have set for yourselves. Respect all the boundaries you have set for yourselves so that you don’t end up hurting one another.

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