The increase in gay interracial dating

Noticed a lot of gay interracial couples? Your eyes are not deceiving you!

interracial lesbian couple holding hands

Take a walk around the block in central London and you may notice that there is an ever-increasing amount of same-sex interracial couples walking hand in hand down Oxford Street or cueing outside the Prince Charles cinema to watch the Disaster Artist. But what you may not have noticed is that there has also been a significant increase in the amount of gay interracial couples within the UK and around the world. The latest US census data has revealed that, not only are the amount of gay interracial couples on the rise but that it is more likely that a mixed couple will consist of two gay people than two heterosexuals. So why the increase in interracial pairings? Below we provide some reasons that may explain this societal shift:

Increased diversity in western culture


Over the years there has been a sizeable increase in the number of people arriving in the UK from non-westernised countries. Since the abolition of the government’s primary purpose rule in 1997, non-European immigration has risen considerably, and it has been easier for UK residents to bring a spouse of a foreign nationality into the country. In addition, wars of current times, such as that in Somali during the late 1980s and early 90s that led to an influx of Somali immigrants, has helped increase diversity within the UK. A move to a more diverse nation has likely led to more diverse relationships between those born in the UK and those not.

Changing attitudes in regard to racism

cartoon image of interracial gay couple with kids

Where our parents and grandparents may have harbored resentment towards those of a different colour, society as a whole has shifted in opinion to become a more accepting culture, one that is more in touch with modern ideas and with a better attitude towards the treatment of minorities and those historically shunned. As governments change their attitudes, through legalization of Acts and through moves towards equality, then naturally society as a whole will follow. This change of attitude towards those from other cultures would naturally be reflected in relationships particularly amongst the young

The internet

 gay interracial couple with kids on their shoulders

With the world becoming smaller as a result of the internet, we have an easier time of it nowadays communicating with people around the world. Where you would likely find a partner at the pub or at social gathering pre-internet, nowadays Internet dating enables people from all over the world to contact and potentially date people in any country around the world. Surely this technological advancement would result in a greater number of people from different races coming together on a romantic level.

The United Kingdom has experienced a growth in gay interracial couples, surely three reasons to explain this is that there is an increased diversity in modern day UK, residents now have a better attitude towards people from other cultures and modern day technology, thanks to the internet, makes dating easier for potential interracial partners.

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