Gay bullying – How to react effectively to a bully

Most gay teenagers have no clue about how to react to a bully who is homophobic. Like interracial relationships, there is a significant number of people who have not come to terms with the sexuality of gay individuals. Sadly they choose to bully as a way to deal with their non-acceptance. Most gay teens stay in the closet for fear of such bullies. Some have even been pushed to the point of depression and attempting or committing suicide. Such bullying can be in the form of name-calling, physical or even sexual abuse. This kind of hate is unacceptable.

Today we take a moment to show you how to deal with such people.

Tips on how teenagers can react to homophobic buying

Report to the teacher or parent

The one thing you need to do is to be open up about such gay bullying. Most teens might feel that coming clean will only make things worse. Keeping quiet is the worst move. Keep records of these occurrences. If you feel talking to parents or teachers is hard, find an adult you can confide in. A problem shared is a problem solved.

Ignore them

The best way on how to react to a bully is to ignore. Be the bigger person. If you have the heart, then don’t give them the reaction they are looking for. Show them you don’t care especially if its just words. But if they get physically aggressive or you feel that your life might be in danger, seek help immediately. Your safety should be what guides your reaction.

The best advice on how to react to a bully; Report to the police if you have to

Never suffer in silence. If people threaten you, then take it up with the official authorities. Report it as a hate crime. They will follow it up and help keep the bullies off you. A teenager will be afraid of going to jail. So when approached by a police officer, they will realize that they have really crossed the line.

The thing is, we live in a world where people have the rights. Don’t let anyone take your right of being yourself!

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