Boosting self-esteem for gay men

We can help you to:

  • feel better about yourself;
  • be more confident;
  • stand taller, more secure in your own beliefs;
  • express your needs and desires more clearly;
  • be kind to yourself;
  • give yourself constructive messages as you daydream;
  • believe you are worth loving.

"I have not felt this strong and confident in over ten years. Your coaching helped me to leave behind the ghosts of the past. I’m a far kinder person and am much more relaxed as a result. Thank you.” Ray

If you could do with help feeling fabulous, book an initial telephone consultation with us. We offer these at a discounted rate of £65 (approximately US$99). If you’re in Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand, we’ll bear the cost of the phone call. The initial session lasts for an hour. At the end, you’ll have learnt useful tools to help you to think and behave differently. This first consultation usually leads on to a series of sessions over a period of six to twelve weeks, to help you to make sustained changes in your life.

We’ll stay in touch with you once you move on from us, but one of the measures of our success is the short time it takes for us to help those we coach to make sustained changes in their lives.

We offer coaching by telephone no matter where in the world you are, and face to face coaching in London, UK.

If you want support and accountability to feel fabulous, click here to arrange your initial coaching session.


Fit to Thrive Personal Coaching

To find out how we can help you to:
- feel better about yourself;
- be more confident;
- believe you are worth loving;


Adam Clark & Tony Dines - Gay Life Coach

Fit to thrive:
Personal coaching

By telephone, email or face to face, we work with you and support you to make the changes in your life that you so want.