Esteem on the scene


The gay scene.  Where is this for you?  San Francisco, California?  Soho, London?  Canal Street, Manchester?  Greenwich Village, New York City? 

Many of us are fearful and apprehensive, afraid of how others see us when we walk into that bar, and they look up for a moment to see who has come in.  We are often so sensitive to how they react, which in turn drives the quality of the rest of our time in that place and how we feel about ourselves.

Have a look through the first page of Esteem on the Scene by clicking the Preview button.  If you’d then like to download it, just click on the Buy Now button and it will take you to payment and explain how to download the four-week modules.  Then you just get on with it, work through the exercises in the Workout sessions, and take those first steps towards being more confident wherever the gay scene is for you.

Esteem on the scene

This programme will enable you to:
-    be confident at gay venues;
-    treat yourself with respect, and have a sure and firm sense of self-worth;
-    be truly yourself wherever you are on the scene.


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