Counselling tips for lesbian couples

Just like any other couple, lesbian couples also deal with relationship problems. Like any other relationship, there are stages. They also go through the honeymoon face where they cant keep their hands off each other then there is the phase where things are no longer exciting.

Even though gay couples and straight couples may have similar relationship problems, there are usually so many external factors which can affect lesbians. Lack of support from family members can really put a lot of pressure on a relationship.

But the most common one is infidelity and lack of trust. Now if it gets to the point where there is betrayal, it is advisable for lesbian couples to seek couple’s counseling. And the best therapist should be one who is pro same-sex relationships.

Well, below are some of the things lesbian women can improve their relationships with their partners and make them fulfilling and satisfying.

1. Listen and communicate

You need to keep the communication open. Talk to one another about your needs and your fears. Always offer a listening ear to one another. And while we are on the subject, speak openly about your feelings. And learn to compromise in case if an argument.

2. Lesbian couples should define the relationship boundaries

Are you on the same page with your partner about your relationship? Is it going to be an open relationship or committed to one another? Make sure you decide this from the get go or else both of you will be set for disappointment.

If you are not on the same page about exclusivity, one of you will end up feeling betrayed. Be in agreement about all this.

3. Keep things interesting in the bedroom

gay sexJust like all relationships, couples tend to take a back seat in the bedroom. Apparently, it happens faster for lesbians that it does for gay men or heterosexual ones. It’s dubbed “the lesbian bed death”.

Now we gotta admit… sex is important in any relationship. As a couple, you need to make a conscious effort to spice things up in the bedroom. Now there is the advantage of lesbian sex toys at your disposal… explore and experiment.

Experimenting with sexual routine and trying out new things can help them retain their sexual drive for a longer period of time.

4. Touch is important

Don’t stop touching. Be it holding hands, cuddling or just kissing… Don’t underestimate the power of touch. Touch maintains intimacy. It doesn’t have to be anything sexual. Any kind of skin contact works.

5. Trust each other enough to give each other space

Now if you got to define the relationship boundaries, then there need not be an issue with this. Trust is a very key ingredient for any successful relationship. Jealousy can really wreck a relationship as it might actually push someone to do these things.

Trust each other and give each other some space. Being clingy isn’t healthy for any relationship. Trust that your partner can go out on their own, have fun and not do any funny stuff.

All that matters for lesbian couples is to always be on the same side. If you want to be successful in a lesbian relationship, you need to make your partner and your relationship a priority. Make time for one another. If you take into consideration the above tips, you will ensure that your love lasts…



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