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Gay men living in an open relationship – how to make it work

gay men

Gay open relationship are very popular these days. In most gay relationships, monogamy can be difficult. But as a couple it is all about having a clear understanding of how the relationship should work. Both men should be on the same page about the relationship. Do open relationships work with gay relationships? Yes. They can. […]

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What does Brexit spell for gay rights

Brexit gay rights

“British” and “exit”, is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. It supports the referendum of 23 June 2016 when 51.9 percent voted in supported withdrawal. With the exit of Britain from the European Union, the House of Commons has voted to reject the only treaty binding on the UK that […]

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Interesting research reveals a spike in monogamy within gay relationships

gay relationships

Monogamy has been a part of human culture and it has been hardwired in our brain cells. Gay men have always idealized the concept of monogamy but society never allowed them to pursue their love. Time has changed and the way people used to think has changed as well. Until now there have been few […]

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Gay bullying – How to react effectively to a bully

dealing with bullies

Most gay teenagers have no clue about how to react to a bully who is homophobic. Like interracial relationships, there is a significant number of people who have not come to terms with the sexuality of gay individuals. Sadly they choose to bully as a way to deal with their non-acceptance. Most gay teens stay […]

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A Society That Is All About Gay Acceptance Makes The World A Better Place

gay acceptance

Gay relationships have always been a neglected part of society, it’s always been a taboo to discuss gay relationships. Many developed countries in the world are increasingly adopting the fact that being attracted to the same sex is perfectly normal and many countries have made gay marriages legal as well. Most of the common arguments […]

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Tips on how to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend

homosexual men

Have you come out of your closet and you are wondering how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend? It’s no easy task I must say. It’s harder if your parents are conservative and judgmental. However, now that you have decided to be openly gay, it needs to happen sooner than later. The thing […]

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How best to introduce your gay interracial partner to your family


Coming out to your family as a gay interracial couple can be tricky. Whether lesbian, gay or bisexual, its something that can throw or find any parent off-guard. First, there is the interracial bit to deal with. Then there is the gay bit. Now, if your family are OK with interracial love, then chances are […]

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Counselling tips for lesbian couples

same sex couple

Just like any other couple, lesbian couples also deal with relationship problems. Like any other relationship, there are stages. They also go through the honeymoon face where they cant keep their hands off each other then there is the phase where things are no longer exciting. Even though gay couples and straight couples may have […]

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Top 5 ways to ensure your first time with a gay partner is satisfying and fulfilling.

gay couple having sex

Whenever a dude comes out of the closet, the biggest worry is normally the gay first time sexual experience. It can be nerve wrecking. Oh jeez! “Am I sexy enough for this guy?” “Am I going to enjoy the sexual experience?” “Who puts what in whom?” Well, you may have met this dude on a […]

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How to succeed when dating fellow lesbians in the UK

What makes lesbian dating a success? If you are a woman looking to date another woman, then the easiest way to go about it is through gay partner online chat. There are several dating sites and dating apps in the UK that you can get such services. To find one, just go to Google and […]

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