†My interest in coaching grew out of my desire to help other people to be more fully themselves. I have always delighted in others' successes and encouraged those I have known when they have taken bold new steps.

My first career, as a water engineer, took me all over the world. I gained insights into how people in other cultures think and behave, and made friends from many different countries. I retrained in coaching in 2004 and have been running Gay Life Coach ever since. My positive, fun-loving and creative approach to life comes through in all the work that I do.

I see each of us as unique, integral beings. There is no dividing line, in my mind, between the intellect, the body, the emotions and the spirit. I seek to build them all up.


T5760x3840_164.jpegThose who have worked with me have paid tribute to the clarity of my thinking, fairness and support. My passion for people and the causes for which they work make me a uniquely talented coach enabling them to thrive personally and professionally, and to build their self-confidence and belief to be who they truly have it in themselves to be. †

People come to me for coaching because of my insight, my warmth, and the fact that I help them to see new possibilities, and transform them into reality.

Iíve worked and learned much as a teacher, police officer and senior manager in international organisations, as well as the Chair of Trustees of Kairos in Soho, London.† I coach clients from many communities in the UK and throughout the world.

Adam & Tony - Gay Life Coach

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Adam and Tony

Our passion is helping gay men lead happier, more fulfilled lives.† Life partners for over 20 years, we lead our lives to the full, and can work with you to enable you to do the same.