Life coaching can help you reclaim your life

Broader in scope than counselling or therapy, life coaching provides the tools and guidance to go beyond existence to a fulfilling life. One that’s founded on your goals, informed by your dreams and built using achievable, practical steps.

Often challenging but always rewarding, life coaching lets you and your coach work together to focus your efforts, enhance your choices and reward your successes.

How it works

After an initial consultation to ascertain what it is you want to achieve, your coaching sessions are conducted over the phone each week.

Having worked with you to create a more balanced life with a solid foundation in the present, your life coach will then encourage you to define bigger goals for the future.

Working in partnership, you agree your direction and take positive steps to reach your destination.

Some tasks are simple, others more complex – but you remain in control. Your life coach is with you every step, ensuring you are focused, supported and in charge of your own life.

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